Sunday, September 21, 2008


enough hair to knit a cat underneath the refrigerator...could explain the chugging noises? We have had another busy day 'redecorating'. That is a misnomer. I told Rick, that I thought this was like moving into a very dirty house...but it is our dirt, so we understand the pathetic state of affairs. Just have been too busy over the last couple of years to do the basic maintenance consistently. We got behind on the "we" stuff when Rick's knees were bad...I mean really, the guy had enough to do keeping upright without having to pull out appliances! On the upside? I think I will be able to cope quite nicely with the kitchen as is, with the fresh paint, until we get stupid and try this redecorating gig again. I just want peace and order in my home...when I look around? I see so much that we have accomplished this year. And we still have a couple of months to go! Amid the upset, I have managed to regroup and build new habits. I slide back once in awhile, forgetting to eat, not eating enough, eating the wrong things out of convenience, thinking I can get away with it, but usually? My internal appestat works with me now, rather than against me! Basic, but not easy. Sigh.

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