Saturday, September 6, 2008


of having breakfast at the table again. Simple dream? But so complicated right now! There are certain things you have to forego if you are doing upgrades in your whole house. Dressing from a laundry basket is another one, and sleeping on the floor in the family room? A given. But this too shall pass. Progress comes in very small steps for me. In every area of my life! This morning as I was measuring out butter for my toast, I thought "why bother". I have been counting every gram of everything for over a year, and to date have minimal weight loss. The struggle is to keep going despite discouragement. Now hey, isn't that just life?

Breakfast: two eggs, one toast with butter, skim milk
Snack: apricot or pear
Lunch: soup, easy to serve in a cup
Supper: fish "en paquet"(cooked in parchment paper with onions and a bit of butter) potatos, cooked carrots, green salad + homemade dressing
Snack: apricot or pear

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