Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Off to a rough start....

Starch. My downfall. This morning, I had my usual eggs and toast, but while I was out? A stop to Robin's netted a bagel and cream cheese with my coffee. No butter though! For lunch? A ciabatta bun with butter. Starch, starch, starch. Tonight, I was thinking of making a bit of soup to atone for it all. But what goes better with soup than a nice hearty roll? LOL Better stick with the original plan of chicken and salad. Looking forward to it, actually. On the positive side? The denim skirt is getting more comfortable. Either I am going down in size or the weekly try-ons are stretching it! Maybe next week? The jacket and shirt are perfect, but the skirt is a bit snug. Zips up really good though!

My shopping list is short this week. Cabbage, milk and tea from the healthfood store. Friday is my trip to Costco, and by then, I am sure there will be something that we are out of! With hubby out of town, the food just doesn't seem to disappear like it does when he is here!

Breakfast: eggs & toast, butter, milk
Lunch: Ciabatta bun and butter
Snack: Sesame bagel with garlic cream cheese
Supper: Fish & chips, cole slaw with apple, 1T Miracle Whip blended with rice wine vinegar
Snack: popcorn with fake spray butter stuff!

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