Monday, September 29, 2008


Do not, I repeat, do not, take me to any more lunches at really good Greek restaurants! I am crazy for good Greek salad...and anything else, I may add! Today,though, I did use a bit of self control. I had a toasted blt, no butter, mayo on the side and about a cup and a half of Greek salad. MMMM good!

Then, a bit of shopping to wear it all off, and a nap instead of supper! Not the best balanced meal, and of course, since I didn't have supper? I snacked on crackers and cream cheese. Even that was was the berry strudel with chocolate drizzles that my dear son brought home late at night....well, of course, I couldn't say no to such a considerate gesture. I don't even know how you would begin to count the calories on that baby! So, tomorrow is another day. It will be that much lonlier here without him, as he makes his way home.

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