Sunday, September 28, 2008

End of the weekend...

mealtimes were harried to say the least, but we managed to keep our portions under control. Since the time went by in such a blur, I am really not sure what I have been eating - but I have been recording every morsel on Fitday. We are reaching the end of the reno...the blinds are ordered, and the only decision I have to make immediately is a paint colour for two kitchen walls. Oh, of course, then there is the family room, and the downstairs powder room...sigh. Does it never end?

Today, we went out to Winnipeg beach and were treated to a homemade lunch of borscht and homemade bread. Our hostess was an eighty-one year old woman that lives in the country and grows all of her own vegetables. The large property is as neat as a pin, and she is living proof how healthy eating benefits you! She began full time volunteer work this September, and this Saturday? Put in three hours in her garden with the rototiller after a full day out! What a good example she is, in so many ways.

Today's food:
Breakfast: eggs, toast & butter, milk
Lunch: Borscht (with the beet greens as well)and a dab of sour cream, two slices of bread and butter. Just a taste of quiche and a small bite of rhubarb cake.
Supper: Fish, oven fries, banana bread, tea

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