Thursday, September 25, 2008

So tired today...

It was all I could do to get done what I had to do today! Pedicure and manicure, hair cut at eleven....I dragged myself out of bed at 9:30, barely making it to the salon on time. I am not suffering from a virus, or any other malady other than foolishness...the consequence of spending last night with two of my favourite young people, laughing and talking until 2:30 in the morning! An old lady like me shouldn't expect to keep up with young blood!

Hubby got back from his trip, and we went shopping for accessories tonight. We desperately need lamps. Well, of course we found nothing. The next step is to continue on, and purchase as we can find what we really like. I am so tired of this! Tonight we did find a new lighting fixture for my office, so that is installed and glowing!

I also stopped by the grocery store to pick up the fixings for my favourite lazy and chips. I buy the McCain Superfries Lo-fat. Not that they are any great bargain calorie wise, but they taste good to me. I like to have those on hand for times when I need to prepare a reasonably filling meal on short notice. Supper around here,seems to always be on short notice!

Supper tonight was a scrambled egg sandwich, and neither of us had an appetite for anything else. I am sipping my fennel tea, and hubby is munching Cheerios in front of the TV as I write...ah, the simple life! Seems to me, that when I am tired, I really crave carbs. Today was one of those days. Totally maxed out on the carbs!

Breakfast: eggs, half a multigrain bagel, milk
Lunch: cream cheese and cucumber sandwich, 100 calorie "treat" bar
Snack: multigrain bagel and cream cheese
Supper: scrambled egg sandwich, ketchup
So, time to take my rose toes off to bed. I can hear the pillow calling....

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