Friday, September 12, 2008

Time for a packed lunch....

Why is it that sitting for a whole day makes you so hungry? I have no idea why, but I am loading the lunch bag for the inevitable hunger pangs brought on by concentrating! The menu plan for tomorrow is:

Breakfast: Yep. Eggs & toast, butter, skim milk

Lunch: Turkey sandwich, carrots & snap peas with Marzetti's veggie dip, Sunchips, and a diet grapefruit. Of course an Activia yogurt thrown in for good measure, and a few almonds for three oclock...hmmm...maybe a few prunes as well. Hunger is not the only hazard encountered from sitting all day! And a couple bottles of water, which are now becoming quite politically incorrect. Thing is, dying of dehydration is a little more uncomfortable than ruffling a few feathers. Repeat menu for Sunday. We bought sliced turkey breast meat at Costco...real sliced turkey, not the pressed into a loaf type. I warmed some up for supper, with a bit of leftover gravy and half a chicken breast leftover from my supper the other night.

Supper: I have some bison burgers all ready for the BBQ. All we have to do is toss together a salad, and wash a couple of potatoes to nuke. Then it will be back to work on the house for the evening. There are sll sorts of little jobs that can be done. I am beginning to think doing the kitchen this year isn't such a good idea. I really don't think my nerves can take anymore! If Hubby had more time off, maybe it would be easier, but he always has to leave for a few days, or take time to work. Ah, the inconvenience of it all!

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