Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday, and we are in the living room...

and things are looking good. I have my kitchen back...that is, if you don't count the office furniture, and the dining room buffet and hutch taking up space. I was able to prepare some canteloupe with my Nicer Dicer this morning, so we have something to snack on. It actually felt good to put away the clean dishes, and swipe the counters. I spent the rest of the day wiping drywall dust from all the stuff here in the kitchen. On the topic of dust. I am quite impressed with our central aren't supposed to vacuum drywall dust as it will harm the motor, yada yada yada. Since I never use the thing (that long hose is so cumbersome) good riddance, I thought. However, I have completely changed my opinion of the thing. After filling the five gallon holding tank, it was still going strong and maintaining power. A small thing, but isn't it nice to find out something is actually useful after writing it off? So, to make up to it, I washed its little purple add on that makes the hose look like a big purple snake and keeps it from damaging the corners of your paintwork...activity points for that one must have counted for something, because it was hard on the arms to pull that silly thing off and on. It took me ages to do, too, which reminded me of why I didn't like the thing in the first place! But now, it is clean and put away, ready for Rick to use! There is a solution for every problem isn't there?

I have been finding pockets of yuck in the house that I had no idea existed. We have never lived in a house for 12 years before, and apparently the dresser gathers dust on the INSIDE. Who knew? It is something you don't want to admit to finding in your house, that is for sure! So now the whole world knows! LOL I must get a schedule going, to take care of all the little jobs that need doing a little more regularly. It amazes me how dust gets everywhere. One nice thing about all of this redecorating, it makes fall cleaning completely unecessary. See? There is silver in every cloud.

Breakfast: eggs, toast, butter, skim milk and coffee
Lunch: Pillar's smoked turkey sandwich with 1 T of miracle whip, 1.5 cups of grapes
Supper: MacDonald's here we come. We want to treat Mark for all the lifting and helping he has been doing for us. Besides, we have coupons! This week will not be a losing week, I can tell you that much!

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