Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So, it has been a busy few days...

I hadn't realized that I had been away so long. Food choices haven't been the best, but in the present circumstances, the main criteria is sanitation, rather than variety. Last night took the cake though, as we did a MacDonald's drive through at ten o'clock. Not good. However, being the dutiful little dieter that I am, I recorded every point, and for once tracked all of my activities through the day to see exactly what the damages really added up to. Well, here is a news flash. I don't think it was all that bad. I certainly will not repeat that behaviour tonight (mainly because of the bad dreams poison food gives you...) but it was only a couple hundred calories over what I had burned during the day. Surely, I am allowed an indiscretion on occasion?

To make amends tonight, I roasted a chicken breast, boiled potatoes, nuked some carrots and grilled some asparagus for supper tonight. It seems to me that I always do better if I have a traditional meal, rather than a casserole, or easy fix thing. Good ol' meat & potatoes does wonders for me. I am still pleasantly full from supper, so it works. When I analyse what preceeded last night's walk on the wild side? It was the fact that I had not had a good evening meal for several days. Grabbing a sandwich just doesn't do it when you are trying to control your calories!

I can't say enough good things about Fitday.com. I would be pulling out my hair for a week had I done this on Weight Watcher's! Sensible. Steady. Mind the calories, and the fat/carb/protein ratio by just entering what you eat. I did avoid the scale this morning though. All that devil salt had a chance to blow me up like a puffer fish overnight, and I did not need the discouragement of an extra pound or two of water weight....hopefully it is water! Tomorrow is another day.

As for progress on the house? The man is now working in the spare room. Actually doing the door trim as I speak. We are reclaiming the house inch by inch. Little tip for you. You can't rip up carpets, and paint a whole house in a couple of weeks, and hold down your day job!

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