Friday, September 5, 2008


Soup and salad for lunch, and only one bread stick. One. Just one! I am so proud of me! We are decorating again this weekend. 'We' as in, 'I find something to do to keep out of the way, and Rick slaves away with the paint pots'. I am of course, responsible for keeping the samples and paint chips filed neatly in an old dayrunner. Brilliant idea if I must say so myself. I have samples of everything in one place to take shopping.

What to do with the closet remains a puzzle. We have these huge mirrored closet doors that were brass. Rick gets the bright idea that we can make them "mirror" finish, to make them disappear. So, after four coats of spray paint, what do we have? A dismal grey. I HATE GREY. So now, I am sure it will only take us about four more colours to find something that will work. White with white walls may disappear...or it could glare. Black? Would give a nice stark oriental screen look to them....sand? MIGHT match the rug. Sigh. Should have left well enough alone. How many calories do you burn mulling over choices?

So for today:
Breakfast: eggs, toast & butter, milk
Lunch: Two bowls of minestrone soup (without chunks. I hate chunks.) And three helpings of salad. The plates were small, okay? And one bread stick of course! Well, then there were the chocolates I scorfed when I came home. Sigh.
Supper: Hummus and crackers
Snack: Nectarine or pear

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