Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whoooo HOOOOO ! 3.2 pounds

Finally, a drop! Since finding Fitday, I adjusted my ratio of fat/carbs/protein and yep, increased my intake, and this morning? A 3.2 lb drop. Water, whatever, I don't care. It is gone! So, I am almost back to where I was. Sigh. I seem to be stuck in a warp here, folks. BUT hopefully, this will mark the beginning of the downward slide once again. The total number of calories I am supposed to aim for, is 2050 a day. I hit 1801 yesterday, and that is with the addition of sunchips and 230 calories for five individual Swiss Delice chocolates. I just can not get past this eat more to lose thing. But there you go. Some days? I could eat a horse, but usually, eating regular food at regular intervals keeps me satisfied.

Yesterday, I ate four times, but chose things to eat in the food groups that Fitday told me I was lacking. To my surprize, CARBS were needed so I had two cups of cheerios for supper! And three apples throughout the day! Now is that a treat or what? Protein is always a hassle for me, because I am lazy. Plain and simple. I like stuff you can store in Tupperware, and eat without turning on the stove or opening the frig, so when Rick isn't here? I turn into a Tupperware grazer. Which reminds me, I have a fresh bag of prunes that I bought on Monday, just waiting for my breakfast...

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