Monday, August 18, 2008

Just checked out this site, and it is very promising. I am keeping track of my intake three ways for the moment...a journal, online at WW and now this. Fitday, however, gives me a breakdown of calories, and nutrients. I started off with a bang, because tonight we had Greek Salad, buns and beer on the was lovely! There was a cool breeze after supper and it was so relaxing just to sit and enjoy the moment.

We managed to get the linen closet done this weekend, and I am really happy with the results.
Rick also installed some six hook bars behind my clothes in the closet to hold the long necklaces that seem to defy any other method of storage!It worked out nicely, with my favourite necklaces positioned right behind my favourite dresses in the closet. Back to Fitday. Turns out that even though I ate over my Flex today, I am still well under the calories for the day. I want to lose ten pounds by the end of September and according to the calculations? It is possible by reducing my calories by 713. As well? The amount of calories I burn to maintain this sedentary (not really, but better underestimate than over, wouldn't you agree?)lifestyle is about 2600 calories a day, so by hitting about 2000 a day, I could lose ten pounds by the end of September. Yah. Right. Like that is going to happen! BUT with this program, I can also check to see that my diet is balanced in all the food groups. I ate with wild abandon yesterday, even enjoying beer with supper, and I was happy to see that the fat, protein and carb ratio was just about bang on. Thing is, that to to keep my sugars balanced, I need to eat fat...that would be the easiest thing to cut down on, but it is disaster on the hoof if I do. tells me that I need 2996 to 3196 calories a day to lose weight. That is an astronomical number. Maybe I should calculate my goal weight, and what I need to eat to maintain that? 1531 to 1731 calories for that. Hmmmm. This math boggles the mind. However, nothing is shifting, so I have to search for solutions.

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