Saturday, August 23, 2008

And just when things were going soooooo well....

My reward for good behaviour arrived in the mail yesterday. A Soprano east-west handbag, in a brass shade. Holds everything really nicely, and came with a little makeup case so you can always find your mirror and lipstick,too! The lining is an animal print, so things are much easier to see than in the traditional 'black hole'. Thank you Shopping Channel! I only have three handbags in my closet now...brass, black and my little red one. This has been my greatest challenge.
I had to go and have Chinese food last night! HOWEVER we ordered two dishes, one was diced chicken and vegetables with almonds, and chicken chop suey. But I am sure they were both loaded with salt. The scale showed a gain this morning, but I refuse to acknowledge it!

Today, I attacked the closet. I have a pile of clothing a mile high on my chair, waiting to be sorted through and folded. Next job is to wrestle into some stockings, and try on all of the shoes! I am only keeping the absolutely fabulously comfortable shoes. Amazingly, one pair has super high heels, but go figure. They feel wonderful, and I can walk in them...not forever, but long enough to get where I am going!

Hubby's office closet is now the storage area for out of season clothing, purses, bedding, shoes and boots. I am going to keep only what I use at hand in my closet, which, as it turns out? Is still far too much stuff! I really only need a few well coordinated outfits, but you have to buy a half dozen to get one that really works, it seems. While I am changing sizes, I am shopping sales only, and refuse to pay full price for something that I hope will be gone in six months!

When you are a plus size, it is very difficult to find clothing that is good quality, fit and price. The manufacturers have a captive audience and they know it. That is why you still see ghastly prints in chubby sizes. Who told these people that getting fat made you go blind? So, as I was trying on absolutely every item in the closet, I realized how many things I purchased because "it sort of works". I realized that the majority of things I bought "anyway" (colours were off, cut not quite right) are the things that languished in my closet for ages. Lesson learned mistake will not be repeated.

Breakfast: eggs, toast & butter, milk and coffee
Lunch: roast beef sandwich
Supper: ?????

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