Saturday, August 2, 2008

Don't know how much more holiday

I can take. One whole week has gone by, and it seems like a minute but feels like a month. I am dog tired. Yesterday, we discovered that wasps were residing under our deck...of course, it was after we all sat down to dinner, and they started to dive bomb us until we relocated to the dining room! So, tonight, with every inch of skin covered, Rick attacked the nest with this neat foam stuff. Quite the picture. Work gloves, hoodie, facepiece from a gas mask! Exactly what a well dressed exterminator wears to crawl under a deck armed with a can of foam and wicked intent! First you plug up the hole, then you stick the nozzle in the nest and smother the little buggers. Worked like a charm. We bought three ways to kill them, just in case. The foam, bug spray for the stragglers, and a wasp trap for the tree. No such thing as overkill when you are dealing with insects!

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