Saturday, August 9, 2008

What a job...

Rick has been slaving out in the hot sun for three days to wash the deck, one to stain the deck, and now? He is working on the bench and chaise. Once it is all done, I hope we will have time to relax a little. The next yard project, is to get the flower beds ready for spring planting. I have one flower box this year that is just lovely. I am going to repeat the plants next year, if I can find two more window boxes, I will be good to go.

As a dutiful wifey, I am providing good food for the worker bee. Tonight we are having pork chops and yams, with a tossed green salad, and yes, I think I will make that man a good dessert. I can always send it home with Vince to keep us on the straight and narrow.

Today was weigh in day, and not one ounce lost. Hovering is what I seem to do best these days. I stepped up my intake of veggies, tried to remember to eat my oils of the day, and added a bit more dairy. I go up and down with water so at least I have lost the 'puff' that I had at the beginning of the week. What an ordeal the weighing in part of this program is! The food issues? Not a problem most of the time. For that reason alone, I am going to stick to this, but good grief, shouldn't I be losing an ounce or two?????? I have recalculated my points, I have counted every mouthful. I don't use my activity points, though. No one would believe two old people expend so much energy doing laundry anyway!


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