Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Northern Experience

We are home from the north. There is no one in their right mind, that will travel to Thompson without a winter coat in December. So I am officially an idiot. When we left Thompson on Friday, I was wearing the same thing I had come to town in. My baggy grey track suit, and my little quilted jacket that is sooo comfy to wear in the car. To add warmth to this totally inadequate outfit, I added my fluffy microfiber blanket that thankfully I had tossed in the car at last minute in case of emergency. To add to the comfort level of this ensemble were my lovely chunky boots worn with thick athletic sox purloined from my son. They deserve special mention as the extra amount of material in the toe folded into the boot and formed a pleasant wad of cotton that applied pressure to my big toe for the entire seven hour car trip home.

We stopped at Timmy's on the way out of town, and I am sure passerbys thought there was a big pile of laundry in the front seat of our car! LOL But we did make it home in good time on Friday, and the weather was noticably warmer in Ashern when we stopped for lunch. I could actually eat without my mittens on! Mind you, we were in the restaurant.... I thought I would never be warm again.

Now, my big news is, that I found a new car! A socially irresponsible SUV. At this age, I can handle the criticism much easier than I can road hazzards. Of course, I am not planning on doing any off-roading...the closest I get to roughing it is to venture into Transcona to go to Costco. By the way? They opened the new Costco on Waverly, but the crowds are ridiculous at this point. December is a bad month in the stores, but add to that madness the element of a "NEW" store, and you have mayhem. We couldn't even benefit from Rick's handicap status on Sunday....let the cripples walk a mile is Costco's new motto, either that or every cripple in town was there....come to think of it, I think I was behind a few of them judging by the speed of molasses that they moved at!

So, now. This is supposed to be all about the WW experience. After a month of traveling, and the stress of shopping for a new vehicle during every waking moment, I didn't do very well. But this is all about behaviour mod right? And I did make good choices...just a few too many of them! I tried to remember to eat at regular intervals, but I haven't been good with water intake, or the oil thing either. Two areas that I really must improve on.

I am now safe and sound in my own well-stocked kitchen. Time to really buckle down and get going, plan a few menus and actually stick around home to eat them. Rick is off to a conference of some sort, so I am on my own for the next three days. I have so much to catch up on in the house, that I am not forseeing any free time for awhile yet. There are six more loads of laundry to do, and as soon as I get some Pledge, the dusting will begin. Whoo hoo! A reason to leave the house today!

My goal is to get out of the house every day, to actually join the human race. I have a tendency to cocoon to the point of becoming a hermit in the winter. So, I have made the commitment to take the car out at least once a day, for an errand near or far. I park as far away from the store door as possible. Exercise. Seems to be the key to it all, as I have really stalled of late. I was too cold to do a thing last week in Thompson, and I don't think there are many activity points in TV watching. Anyway, I hope that the new vehicle will make it easier to do local errands by myself. I sit higher up, and the visibility is great. I can actually see the front end of the car, so parking isn't a guessing game like it was in the Impala. Hitting the recycling box in the garage was the sign to me that I was in the right position!

So, there you have an update. I hope you are all staying safe and warm!

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