Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Body and Mind Connection

I am firmly convinced that what goes on in your heart and mind eventually ends up on your lips and hips. I don't buy the message we constantly hear that "fat" equals misery. Our culture, to make up for the fact that we consume the most and contribute the least to the planet, has to pay for the good life, it seems, with guilt. So, rather than sitting back and counting our blessings, and actually sharing our joy, we berate ourselves for eating that Nanaimo bar at a bridal shower, or actually eating a potato chip or two. We block the flow with our own negativity. Out with that nonsense I say! I am going to bring in the new year with firm resolve to enjoy every morsel of food that I choose to put into my mouth! I can no longer afford to eat what someone else thinks I should. I insist on eating what I want, and what my body needs.

Whether you count calories, or points, you have to have a plan. Like any successful budget, you have to save to spend, and when you spend? Don't settle for second best! Let the chocolate be Belgian, the bread be fresh and full of whole grains, and the wine be only the very best I can afford! We were given wonderful senses, the best of which is common. Lets use it to fuel our bodies to live the best life we can.

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