Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Is only one hour and thirty-two minutes old. It just seems like yesterday, I was grasping the concept of having to add another year to the date on my test papers at school. Who knew there was even such a thing as 1958? Hadn't the date always been 1957? But look how many times I have upped that number since! And even the whole Y2K thing is soooooo history!

It was a madhouse at the stores today. You would think that people would never see food again. I will be glad when their Visa bills come in January, and they stay out of the stores. Everyone seemed so stressed and rude. For instance, I went to use a cart that was sitting by the door at the grocery store, when a woman hollered at me for "walking away with her cart". Well, gollllllleeee, there wasn't a purse in it, it looked abandoned to me. And I hadn't taken a step. I had just put my purse in it! Whatever, lady! Take a chill pill! There would have been a nicer way to remind an old lady that you had dibs on the thing! Why not stay with it, for one, and take it inside the store? Grrrrr. I am starting to really dislike old people. Cranky, mean-spirited things that they are. Every young person I encountered was pleasant, and polite. What kind of example are we setting for the younger generations? And then, the old fuddy duddies have the nerve to complain about the kids today. I like them. Much nicer than the stupid old farts I have run into lately, that is for sure! So there. I have said it out loud, and I am not sorry!

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