Saturday, January 5, 2008

Where does the weekend go?

Already half over! I have been trying new recipes that have been really well received, and kind to the point count, too. I think Friday night was the best - a simple salad with romaine lettuce, red onion, orange zest (I cut up the orange and tossed that in too!) a tablespoonful of EVOO and the juice of a whole lemon. It made a great accompaniment for the Sicilian meatballs that I "pared down" to make more WW friendly. A basic meatball recipe with the addition of Pecarino Romano, currants, toasted pine nuts and a sprinkling of nutmeg. Cooked on a bed of diced tomatoes for about 45 minutes, they came out of the oven with an aroma matched only by the taste! The novelty was the size...about two to two and a half inches across....but how dainty does it sound to say you only had a bit of lettuce and a meatball for supper? LOL Weight Watchers certainly does not let you starve by any stretch of the imagination! What a great combo it was - the heartiness of the big flavourful meatball with the tart lemony taste of the salad.

Tonight I made baked beans with apple, onion and brown sugar. Served with pork sausages on the side. A bit pricey point wise, but a little goes a long way. Again, the majority of my plate was occupied by a tasty salad, with just a bit of the richer items. I discovered that when you are making a Greek style salad, you get fabulous flavour by using the brine from the black olives to thin the dressing. Tonight, I mixed it with a tablespoonful of Tzatziki with a tablespoonful of EVOO, then poured it over the chopped cucumber, red onion, romaine and iceberg lettuces. Top with a fine crumble of Feta cheese and voila! Done for dinner!

My oh my. What will happen in the kitchen tomorrow?

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