Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Frozen in Time

January has been a complete blur. I have spent the last two weeks in and out of bed, too tired to do much more than attend to more than basic hygiene and the odd whirl of retail therapy via the shopping channel. January is just about over though, so things just may be looking up. I know the scale sure is. Although I have been trying to mind my points, the lack of activity in this winter wonderland has taken its toll. I am still playing with the same four to five pounds, up, and down. Up and down. My food choices remain the same, as I have not been very creative, and rely on standard fare for most meals, that I know the point value of by heart. Of course, now that I am used to eating so well on WW, it is impossible to go back to eating less, so that means the only alternative left to me is OH NO!!!!!!!! exercise. Well, there goes my bubble. What are you supposed to do in 40 below? Jog? As if having an ample bosom doesn't curb that one, do you think four layers of clothing might prove a bit awkward? Just may have to finally spring for a treadmill. Not as much fun to research as new accessories for the living room, but at this point in time it is becoming very clear that something needs to be kick started around here. And I seem to have discovered a big red target on my backside......

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