Friday, January 4, 2008

Looks like

a warm spell is heading our way... which makes it so much more pleasant to venture out! Hopefully everyone has their returns done, and it will be safe to do a little grocery shopping. My craving of the week is for cooked spinach. I rinse half a bag, then toss it all into the fry pan with a touch of butter and garlic. Within seconds, it seems, I have the best topping for mashed potatoes! Incidentally, I usually mash potatoes with a little skim milk, but last time, I added a half cup of sour cream. Now that, coupled with the spinach? Could have made a meal on its own, if I hadn't had to share it with two others!

It feels good to have things back to normal...hubby is travelling up a storm for the first couple of months of 2008, so I am really glad to have the new car, even if the cost of gas has gone up. I only go through about a tank a month anyway, so the increase is bearable. With that thought in mind, I am off to buy fresh fruit today, and enjoy the sunshine and mild weather while I can!

Menu Yesterday:
Breakfast: egg & extra white omlette with mushrooms, TMex Cheese, toast sk milk 8 points
Snack: turkey pepperoni 3 points
Lunch: smoked turkey sandwich, Reese's Peanut Butter Bar 7 points
Supper: Cod & Chips 14 points
Snack: Coffee Crisp, popcorn, toast 13 points

Menu for today:
Breakfast: eggs & toast, 1 T Cheez Whiz, glass of skim milk 11 points
Snack: turkey pepperoni 2 points
Lunch: Smoked turkey sandwich, and diet pop 5 points
Supper: Chicken breast, sauteed spinach, mashed potatoes 7 points
Snack: apples 2 points

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