Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I don't do the resolution thing...

but I am resolved to get back on the wagon and behave myself! Over the last month, I have been coasting along, and bouncing up and down five pounds. It is bizarre how the body can do that! There is so much to do in the house, but hubby has such a full calendar over the next few months, that we will be doing good to see one another let alone get into decorating. He is away to Edmonton for the night, and I am going to enjoy the time to myself. It is very rare that he goes away without me, so I am going to play while the cat is away. I am still in my PJ's and just finished breakfast...does that tell you what a wild child I am?

Planned Menu for January 2:
Breakfast: 2 eggs & toast, skim milk 10 points
Snack: turkey pepperoni 3 points
Lunch: homemade chicken noodle soup 2 points
Snack: 2 sliced apples and pretzels 3 points
Supper: Feta, dried blueberry, toasted almond, romaine salad with olive oil, raspberry vinegar dressing - rye bread 7 points

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