Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday past...

in a flurry of relaxation! We had a leisurely breakfast, then ventured out to shop. We came home with a bottle of bitter lemon for my Tanguaray Ten and a "fizz keeper" cap for opened pop bottles. We are the wild ones!

Our mission was checking out the prices to have some paintings reframed. I was blown away by the cost of this. Out of curiosity, I checked the internet to see if the artist ever amounted to anything (to merit the hefty price for the reframing!) and WHOA NELLY! The man has done incredibly well. So, looks like the framer is getting our dough in February because these babies are definitely not duds! They say that you should buy paintings that you love, and this really was the case when we stumbled across Michael Zurowsky's work in Ottawa in 1981. We bought everything we could at the time, because it was impossible to choose which I loved the most. For years, they have languished in storage as they were watercolours that couldn't be hung in direct sunlight. I didn't want to risk losing one bit of their brightness and I blush to admit that they didn't "match" our decor. Since I have a policy to "use it" or "lose it" I thought it was high time to use these! With the expensive month we have had, I can't really spring to have them reframed now, but I will do it when the framer has a sale in February. There are four paintings, and a 30% savings will really help the shock when the bill is totalled! I think it will be worth waiting for!

Anyway, after checking out four framers, and finding out the best one is right in our backyard, we went to supper. Fish and chips. I couldn't stop myself. Sooooo good. We had scallops for an appetizer, a side salad and the biggest portion of fish and chips I have ever seen in my life. Three large pieces of halibut. My favourite fish. So, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and just enjoy the moment. I munched my way through half of it, and have half sitting in the frig to feed the hungry hubby for supper. I will be good and make myself a bit of chicken, and stay within my point levels to atone for blowing them out of the water yesterday!

I wonder if changing to the core plan would work? I am a little tired of all the counting, but I really can't feature living without bread, butter, or treats, as you must when doing core .....but I wonder...okay. Done. Can't do it! Just have to pull up my socks and behave!

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