Friday, December 28, 2007

Jack and Jill Shower

This was the best shower I have ever attended. The baby was adorable, the new parents radiant, and the most important thing of stupid shower games! Everyone had a good time visiting, and of course, there was a wonderful selection of food on the buffet. I use the "Forest Gump life is a box of chocolates" method to work through the buffet. I send the husband to gather, and then I pick and choose from his plate, taking a little bite of this, and all of that because I like it! We had a light supper of soup and crackers to allow for the extra calories, so it was a relatively guilt free evening. Actually, my hubby is very tolerant of my new eating habits, and readily accepts that he is my human garbage disposal. Everything from samples at Costco to actual boxed chocolates get my "nibble and leave the rest" approach. I like to taste different things, but I really don't want to commit to a whole sample, you know!

Back to the shower.....the highlight of the evening was seeing my son cradle his new neice to his chest and calm her with a few expert pats to the back. Within seconds, she was snuggled up and purring! Ah, my turn is coming. But I am awfully young to be a Gramma, so I am prepared to wait...maybe another month or so?

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