Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Was our destination for lunch today. The music was far too loud, the service was below standard BUT the salad was pretty good! It was the 'house' feta and cranberry with balsamic dressing. There was a touch of basil in the dressing, and a tomato flavour of sorts, just enough to make it pink! I must say that when I had this salad in Ontario, it was twice the size. When we finally were served, two people asked "how is your salad" before the first forkful went into our mouths. Good grief. Next time I am going to say "terrible" just to see if they actually bother to listen to replies to their inane queries.

Talk about disappointing. To lift our spirits, we wandered over to Wal-mart to buy goodies. I picked up some Weight Watcher caramel clusters. Little hint here folks. Don't eat six of them. They rank right up there in digestive tract effects with sugar free York patties and licorice sugar free oh my. I won't be leaving home tonight, I tell you!

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