Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I can hardly wait for the new year...

when everything returns to normal! There wasn't a parking spot to be had at the mall, and by some miracle, Costco was the quietest place to be today. So, off we went on a grocery shopping adventure.

I bought Jelly Belly Beans that are 35 for 140 calories, but will give me a shot of sugar in increments of five. And how much nicer they are than those tablets they sell at the drug store! There are some benefits to this disease, and Jelly Bellies are one of them! We found two bright polo shirts for Rick for the cruise in March, as well. Hmmmm....bread, eggs, polo shirts, Jelly Belly Beans.....what more could you ask for on the 26th of December? A PARKING SPOT WOULD BE NICE!!!!!

Yesterday, we straightened out the family room to squeeze in the old living room furniture, and to my surprise, it actually looks quite nice. Pete stopped by for a few minutes this morning to say hello. I think it is lonelier having him in town, and not with us than it is having him so far away. I extracted a promise from him to stay with us next time, as it will be our turn! You never really know what loneliness is, until you have a child and they have the nerve to grow up, marry and leave home! Life ceases to spin at that whirlwind pace, you have time to wash your own clothes first, do your nails and hair....oh my, have I come to this?

Ah well, one soldiers on. Tonight is going to be a mystery meal. It will be a mystery what it will be! Sticking with the meat, potatoes and a vegetable seems to be working for me, so I guess it will be something along those lines. I have a flat of Nanaimo Bars in the kitchen for a shower we are attending on Friday night, so it will be a struggle to keep the man's hot little fingers off of them. Ah well. Better them than me! Did I mention that for two old people we have far too much time on our hands?

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