Friday, December 7, 2007

Let them eat cake...

Whether she said that or not, it is likely this sentiment that kept Marie Antoinette able to zip up those tiny dresses. When there are so many goodies around in the stores this time of year, it is hard to pass by the ladies handing out samples of tasty high calorie goodies - turning this little phrase around in my head has helped me pass by a lot of temptation! Let them eat it! LOL

The weather is bitterly cold, but they say it will be warmer in the coming days. Who in their right mind, except people on the prairies would think of - 3ยบ as a heat wave? I find that my body is having trouble keeping warm these days. I have taken to wearing socks (in the house and out) and layers under my coats. The coats are miraculously large enough to accommodate the extra layers these days, although the numbers on the scale refuse to budge much. None the less, I am staying the course. It will come off eventually. Day, after one more day, will pass. I started with high hopes, and a spreadsheet that calculated where I would be at certain times, and of course, I haven't been able to keep a steady loss. I am wondering if I should delete the "goal" column, or leave it there to remind me that you can not predict the future! The thing is that I am working the program, and doing what I can, when I can. That is good enough for me. And it does look like I will need the full 104 weeks to reach goal...and if it takes another 104 weeks after that, so what? It isn't like I ever want to eat another way. This is a great way to live, and once you get used to the point system? It really isn't complicated! Just time consuming, having all this food to consume in one day!

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