Friday, December 14, 2007

I love my new and improved chicken sandwiches...

I have learned to double the filling and halve the bread since starting this program - with six slices of smoked turkey and a tablespoon of light mayo on whole wheat bread, my total comes in at five points for a very pleasing taste bud experience. It is good to have a comforting food today, because I am in dire need of solace! We have a dying furnace. The tragedy. This came completely out of the blue. Who would have guessed that a twelve year old house would have the furnace die so soon? Seems to me that these energy efficient things wear out sooner than the old types, so is it really energy efficient to have to replace a frig, stove or furnace after a such a short life span? Hmmmm. But like Rick says. It isn't a problem if you can throw money at it and it goes away. This has been one expensive month, that is for sure, and we are developing great pitching arms from exercising our problem solving abilities!

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