Saturday, November 24, 2007

More car shopping

led us to stay out past our supper time. Perkins to the rescue. An event not unlike having a hungry grizzly carry you out of a forest fire..... I thoroughly enjoyed my supper of a club house sandwich, but of course I did have the help of my old fella. He enjoys his food, and has a bottomless pit for a stomach. That man must have a tape worm or something! He can always be counted on to eat his dinner, and finish mine off too. He definitely is the poster boy for the benefits of a raging male metabolism. I would weigh nine hundred pounds if I tried to get away with some of his tricks!

We are preparing to go to Thompson tomorrow, for a week. That leaves the car purchasing decision in limbo, I am happy to say! The features and stats for all the cars you look at just whirl around in your brain after awhile, and nothing seems to make much sense at all. But I do know that I fit into all of those small cars a lot easier these days! I would like to think it is because of the WW plan, but in reality, I think the manufacturers have realized that not everyone has a tiny bum and short little legs! A fact that I have been keenly aware of my entire life.

I also found time to buy a new duvet cover and shams for our bed today. I love good white cotton linens, and this set really exceeded my expectations. The cotton is so silky, and the embroidered border is simple, yet so pretty. A real Homesense find at half the original price! We picked out the duvet cover, paid for it and were on our way in about ten minutes. The bonus is that it will easily take at least twenty minutes to iron and that definitely counts as 'activity' time!

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