Sunday, November 11, 2007

We have been home since Friday...

but I have been under the weather. I didn't realise that I hadn't posted since Tuesday! All of those meals out didn't end in disaster as I feared they would...I managed to chart a .8 pound loss this week to spite it all! Whoo hoo!

We managed to make the journey home, and go shopping at Costco on Friday night. This made it possible to eat very well over the last couple of days! To be in my kitchen again, surrounded by vegetables, and the proper means to prepare them? Priceless! Core foods are really filling and so good to your digestive system! On Saturday, I made 'pork chops a la Kate', or as the rest of the world says "shake & bake", but since Kate made them for supper that night, she gets the credit! The loin chops were ultra lean, and an inch think. Nummmmm. Garlic potatoes ( I crushed two cloves of garlic into some skim milk, and added three triangles of the low fat Laughing Cow Cheese as I mashed the potatoes) and sliced cooked carrots kissed with a bit of butter rounded out the meal.

Tonight, we are having chicken stir fry with a little of every vegetable in the house thrown into the mix. I haven't made a menu plan for the coming week, but if I use the meats I have in the freezer in rotation, it will be easy enough. I can not tell you how good it feels to be back in my very own kitchen! I guess I am basically a home body by nature. Because we are away so much, I have grown even more fond of my own home. Having a structured life for the next two weeks will be such a treat! For the last couple of months, I have only had time to blow into town to do the laundry, and clean the house. This time, we will be able to watch as the dust builds up, and do a load a day! The big thrill will be to rent Ratatouille and watch it in the comfort of our very own chairs!

Now, back to the weight loss.....Those indiscretions really did slow the loss, but I am resolved to welcome a loss of any size. Half a pound is a half a pound in my books, and I will never turn up my nose at any loss. Nor will I be upset with a bit of a gain. It happens. What is surprising me, is how much 'the points thing' becomes part of is almost automatic now, to calculate what I am eating. A few times, I have sat down at the end of the day to tally up the points, and found that instinctively I had stopped right on target. I love tracking online, although when we are travelling, I don't have access to a computer every minute of the day. I like to figure out how many points there are in a meal before I eat it, rather than after, so it will be good to have access every minute of every day in the coming two weeks!

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