Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Just in case you want to know...

it is physically impossible to eat 200 calories worth of shrimp. If anyone could eat that it would be me...one time on holiday (all inclusive of course) I ordered a shrimp starter, a shrimp main course, with a side of shrimp, and you guessed it! Shrimp for dessert! The good news is that for 100 calories, you can stuff yourself to the eyeballs with the little beggars, and the cocktail sauce too! (2 teaspoons are absolutely free!) For you nay sayers out there, my cholesterol count has always been good, so I don't believe they are an evil food at all...other than the price of course.

I just finished my lunch, and it was truly one of my better "hotel fixin's"! I paired the shrimp with a serving of V8 juice, and for dessert? I had some premium plus crackers with antipasto. Another taste sensation for next to no calories. Have I told you how much I love this WW gig? I DO!!!

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