Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Just blew the points budget...

on a super sized hotel breakfast. Couldn't help myself. It was sooooooo good. By the time I came back to the computer to add up the points the damage was done. The challenge will be to live the rest of the day on the remaining points!

Confessing to eating two eggs, three pieces of bacon, two pieces of brown toast with butter, two portions of peanut butter, one of jam, a glass of orange juice and two cups of coffee with cream? Not difficult! Not only because it was so good, but because I have learned to not beat myself up for straying from the beaten path on occasion. Breakfast really is my weakness. I am always hungry then, and indulge my whims. That is such a contrast to the way I forced myself to live most of my life...eating supper only, and denying myself food any other time. Of course, trying to curb the calories this way is foolish. It took my weight to the great heights it eventually reached! Since I started eating more often, and a lot more? Life is calmer, and the weight is dropping. How long it will take? I don't know. But that is why I have given myself 104 weeks, and will be content with whatever is the end result. This is a lifestyle change, after all.

Back to today. Since tying on the feedbag this morning with such gusto, I will have to keep a close eye on my consumption for the rest of the day. I have "hotel food" plans for lunch. Precooked shrimp and cocktail sauce are thawing in the mini frig for lunch, there is an apple for dessert...antipasto with crackers for a snack. Supper will be steamed veggies and a chicken breast - a dish any restaurant can provide easily! Doesn't sound like hardship dieting does it? All on program, too.

Shrimp has got to be the most beautiful quick protein that I know of....easy to obtain wherever you may roam. The whole package of nummy goodness in the frig is 200 calories. I don't think even shrimp lover that I am, that I could eat the whole package! That is a lot of shrimp!

Protein keeps my sugars balanced, too, so it is a win win situation. Last night, we arrived at the hotel late, and supper just didn't interest either of us after the long drive. We ordered a couple of appetizers...Caesar salad, shrimp and bruschetta. Well, fussy me. I didn't like the bruschetta. The Caesar was good, but the shrimp? Amazing. Two shrimp for a small fortune. But they were HUGE! We had one each. I have never seen such beasts before in my life. And sooooooo tender.

I am really looking forward to going grocery shopping on Friday...we will be home for a full two weeks, so I will be able to make supper every night. Being in your own home, in your own kitchen is so much easier than trying to balance food while on the run. I am looking forward to making huge salads, and a soup or two to welcome the cool winter nights. There will be pictures then, folks, so stay tuned!

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