Saturday, November 3, 2007

Home again, home again...

And so glad to be here!

The laundry is still waiting for attention, but I just haven't had time today to bother with it. My main goal was to get back on real food...made in my real kitchen! I had every intention of cooking supper tonight....even had the food in the frig ready to pop into the oven, but we were waylaid by a car dealership and ended up at Kelsey's instead. Tomorrow we will have the food I prepared for today, so it will not go to waste!

After supper, I had absolutely no desire to shop for food, so after aimlessly wandering, groaning about how full I was, I picked up a bottle of vanilla (what for? I don't bake! Just may decide to start though....) a few loaves of bread, a jar of antipasto and a Costco sized bag of shrimp. Oh how I love shrimp! It was a rather short list this week, wouldn't you say? We decided to beg coffee from our dear friends on the way home, to round out the evening. All in all? It was a day well spent.

By the way? I seem to have mastered the "up" calorie days of the 'Wendy' plan, but the "down" calorie days seem to be evading me. For some bizarre reason, the scale is still showing a loss. Miracles will never cease.

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