Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pants Shopping and Other Trials

Saturday we  braved the crowds, and went shopping for new pants for the man. He tires so easily now, but with the two of us on the job, we managed!  He found new jeans, black and indigo, and some twill pants in black. With the shirts he has in his closet, he will be able to manage until we figure out where his weight will land. He is feeling a little better now, so he is out for a walk. I wonder if he wore his new pants?

As for me? I tried on my winter pants to check the length. It is all good. The waistbands are tight, so that gives me a little incentive to hold back at the table a little! LOL  As for the bigger things, out they go. I am fed up with trying on six outfits before venturing out. Fact is? I usually pick a couple of things to wear, and wear them shamelessly!  Even my nighties need weeding out!  The same ones are always in the wash, so why keep the rest?  Ah, the miseries of clothing!

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