Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It is all going according to plan....

I finally finished the menu plan AND the grocery shopping for the week. We really do manage to keep our budget low when we eat at home.  (The grand total for today, was 26.13.  And I even bought a couple of steaks, a little extra treat for one day this week!) Since we are forced to eat out a lot when travelling, we both prefer simple fare at home. Today I made fresh tomato soup....if you have never done that? TRY IT because the flavour is out of this world. Simple recipe too.  Took all of thirty minutes!  A simple cup of soup to start our dinner.  There is still enough for lunch tomorrow, too!

So, this weeks menu was and is:

Sunday:  Roast chicken, potatoes, peas (leftovers become Chicken divan, and soup stock for next week)
Monday: Tomato soup, meatballs& rice
Tuesday: Steak and salad
Wednesday: Chicken Divan, side salad
Thursday: Macaroni, cauliflower with cheddar cheese bake with green salad
Friday: Cod, simple boiled potatoes and higgelty piggelty sauce
Saturday:  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes  and creamed corn

I am going to try to bake something every Wednesday this winter. This week, I am going to make tea cakes...you know, the ones with the little squares of fruit in them? The cost of gluten free stuff is horrendous, and not as good as homemade, either. So, a little planning and a little extra effort should prove to be a good thing.  Last week I made banana nut muffins, and I still have eight of the little beauties left. To have a few things stashed away in the freezer is a lifesaver for the times when I really want something that remotely resembles the beauties at Tim's!

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