Saturday, October 8, 2011


Busy day at our house. Our fence blew down in the wind yesterday. Oh joy. Another expense.

While Rick discussed the situation with our wonderful neighbours behind us, I cleaned the kitchen and made butternut squash soup....with curry, ginger, chili and was a hit, and served with a good bit of whipping cream, made the man VERY happy.

We did a bit of shopping. What a nightmare. Forgot it was Thanksgiving weekend and no one in the city had food, so they were buying it all at Costco today. We not only went to one Costco - found two pairs of sleep pants and for T-shirts for his new skinny body, but went on to another to find a sweater/jacket thingy that will be perfect for this type of weather.

Had to stop at Shopper's to take advantage of the 20X the points offer....I am a points junky!  And it was such an easy way to bank some extra points for my next big splurge day. Anyway, by that time, he was really tired out, so after a quick stop to buy a couple of things at Extra foods, I surprised him with a pumpkin pie! He loved it, and managed to eat one whole piece!  So, just as I was eyeing the remainder and praying for pie eating visitors to put me out of my misery, two showed up! Pie is now gone, as is my temptation!  It was nice to have nice cheery visitors after this house has been so empty for so long.

And that is the news for today.

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