Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Second thoughts....

led us to cancel the trip. It just didn't feel right, somehow.  So, now we are planning on just staying home for the two weeks, resting, and hopefully doing a few tasks around the house before galavanting in our own hood.

The man is in Alberta this week. He is getting back on Thursday just in time to go to MCC, to get the results of the CT Scan he had on the 17th.  Our hopes are high that all will be well, but you just never know. Perhaps that is why I am hesitant to make any holiday plans. So much can change in your life in such a short time.

Since I have been having trouble with my car battery, simply from lack of use, I am taking the long way to go anywhere these days, just to charge it up a bit. Today I went to Canadian Tire for a grand purchase of saran wrap, via the perimeter!  I ended up at Extra foods at long last - the place I really wanted to go to begin with, but is it even a mile from my door?  My driving habits have changed quite a bit since the new shopping centre was built just around the corner and down the street! |This frivolous use of gas and time was all in the name of healthy alternator usage!  The good news is, that the groceries for the week consisted of a single white onion,, three shallots, a package of summer sausage and a squeeze bottle of mustard!  I found some chicken thighs, as well, for the freezer. They were such nice plump white ones in a package of four...perfect for us in quantity and quality.  Couldn't resist them!

I am determined to buy only small amounts as needed for the next few months, hopefully changing my way of shopping forever. It is so much easier to come home with a small shopping bag full of stuff to put away!  After feeding the masses for years, it is no longer necessary to have large amounts of food on hand, in case the whim hits to entertain. To look after our own simple needs seems to be enough to keep us more than busy!The days of buying jugs of milk, and bags of several varieties of fruits are gibe. It simply is a time to keep it simple.

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