Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Winter Bedding

The big change over came today. I know we are having a bit of  a "heat wave" at the moment, but strike when the mood hits, is my philosophy!  So, our bed is made with a nice puffy quilt. At the moment, it is a bit damp from the heavy spray of water it had to remove wrinkles, but in an hour or so, I will put out the pillows and put on the finishing touches!  If only I could get moving on the clothing issues in this house. Rick's clothes are all to big. Mine are all mixed up. Winter, summer, some fit, some are too big, some are too ugly. I have no idea where it all comes from, but I am inundated with garments that no longer fit, or have lost their appeal. Maybe I should just get rid of things one by one as they frustrate me?  Then it won't be quite so traumatizing!  But it will be slow going, that is a fact!

My menu plan  isn't going to work. Too many things the man can not handle, but not to worry. I will take the same ingredients and make them "wet" enough for his tender throat.  So, tonight? The baked cod becomes cod with "higgelty piggelty" sauce...a tastey reminder of our trip to Germany. Ahhhh the land of gorgeous fish and potato dishes!  Simply put, it is heavy cream with a touch of curry, and a few mixed vegetables. Served over the baked fish, with potatoes, it is a simply delightful dish.  Same ingredients, just a different prep method. I was getting too complicated with this menu business, so it was bound to fail!  As for the Waldorf salad? I will still try that recipe, because it intrigues me.  And dessert?  Fruit salad will never go to waste in this house! I will make enough for tomorrow's supper as well as lunch tomorrow.

So, the new menu for today is:

  • Waldorf salad
  • Fish in Higgelty Piggelty sauce
  • Steamed Potatoes
  • Fruit salad for dessert. Yes! DESSERT!  

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