Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Every day that passes.....

seems to get me into more of a mess. I did manage to tackle the washing and ironing today, and toss out a few of the man's more "used and ugly" clothes. My closet, however, remains the bane of my existence.  There are too many things in my closet, in my cupboards, and in my house in general. Where does it all come from? Why is there so much after I have so diligently given and tossed? I think my tolerance for junk is becoming smaller with every purge!

As I seek the perfect method for getting rid of junk, I seem to miss the most obvious course of action. Toss it and get on with life!

Eventually? I would like to have a closet like my sister's. They downsized from a large home to an apartment. She has a couple of feet of hanging space for her duds in her bedroom, and more than her share of hall closet. The woman is a leather jacket junkie , and has quite the collection.  She wears simple clothes, but always has that third layer to add snap and pizazz.  But I digress. I have far too much and wear far too little of it.  Once and for all, I need to have a good clear out to start the season off right. The weather this week is unusually warm for this time of year, so I have been given a bit more time to get ready for winter!

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