Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A VERY successful day in the kitchen!

They do happen, every blue moon you know!  First thing this morning, I made a batch of refrigerator pickles. These are sooooo good, and easy to make, too. I used those mini seedless cucumbers and they worked out so well.  I also made them with Splenda, so there are virtually no calories in the whole batch...I have always considered cucumbers and peppers to be free foods, as the calories are not worth the math effort to count!

After a little break to watch TV, I made a batch of banana pecan gluten free muffins. I didn't forget them in the oven this time, so they came out lovely and moist.  A little more TV. Then, seeing that the cucumber pickles had too much brine, I thought I would take some of it, and some of the onion and peppers, and add them to a can of mixed beans. Voila. Bean Salad.  So, now the weekend salads are looked after.  More TV.

Supper came along, and I was getting the grumblies, so I made the chicken parmigiana. WOW.It turned out really well!  You would never know that it was gluten free. And what a pretty presentation, too. One chicken breast made at least three portions, so two are in the refrigerator, cooling. We can either eat them this weekend or freeze. I am banking on this weekend, since Rick is getting a little of his appetite back. He had a yogurt today. That is a major taste hurdle for him, as it is quite tart. But he is good at challenging his taste buds. The "sip of the protein shake, and a spoon of the yogurt" method worked a treat!

My week's worth of groceries that I bought last week, is going to stretch to payday!  With the pantry items I have on hand, I could even stretch a little further if I am too lazy to shop this week!

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