Monday, October 10, 2011

A lazy weekend enjoyed by all....

is coming to an end. Hubby is off to Saskatoon for a conference tomorrow morning at 4, so I am planning a blitz on this house. It will be the first time we haven't been together in months, and separation anxiety is beginning to set in.  He is leaving with instructions, so hopefully, he will be okay. Flying was the only option this time, as he is scheduled for a CT scan on Monday, and there just wasn't enough time to drive.

Today, he tried on his clothes. There is very little left in his closet, but to tell you the truth, it was a long time coming. He needs a few new things, but we aren't sure where his weight will level off. He is a shadow of his former self, to say the least. I have forced him to shop for pants, and for new pj's.  It took monumental effort on his part to do that much, so I am pleased he managed.  

When he comes home, we must go buy a suit, a sports coat, a thick wooly sweater  and a pair of dress pants. It is enough to make you cry, to know that I just had every one of his suits dry cleaned, too! Ouch. 

The fact is that men are so easy to dress!  One shopping trip and it will all be over. I am going to haul out the bags (five green garbage bags at last count, heavy beggers!) of clothing and leave them at the curb for the diabetes collection, after I go through my clothes as well. 

This shrinking business does have a downside. BUT the good news is that I still have a leather jacket that goes with everything I own!  I doubt that I will ever go without one again. I layer it up when it is cold, and when it is just a bit chilly, it is good to throw over a t-shirt. I can even put it with a dress! Yep. Money well spent.  And when this one gets too big? Another will be sought out. 

The fact is that a wardrobe with ten essential pieces is more than enough for anyone, so why do we insist on cramming as many garments as we can into our closets? I have a problem with discarding the old when I bring something new in...I am not sure that I will love the new piece, and regret tossing the old, so I stash it in the closet. And there it stays. For months. Ideally? I think everything you need for a season should fit in a carry on bag. And as I shrink, so will my wardrobe!

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