Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Eat The Pantry" and Wednesday - baking day

Following the new plan, the house is smelling pretty good this morning! It was Tea Cake Wednesday!  With clotted cream and preserves, these are great, tea time or not!

Of course, as usual, there is an easy way to do things! Why I had to wait to be this age to figure these shortcuts out, is beyond me. But I digress. It is so much easier to buy a mix, bang it into the Kitchen Aid and let her rip!  Today, to a basic Tea Biscuit mix, I added some glace fruit, to make them even more delish. Since gluten free recipes do not behave like standard flour recipes, it is really the most economical route, as one little mistake can set you back ten dollars or more, for one simple recipe. This way? A little less risk.   They are cooling as we speak, waiting to be wrapped in multiple layers for the freezer. 

I have also assembled the chicken divan, for our supper tonight.  The menu gets a bit mixed up during the week, but generally, the recipes all get made, on one day or the other.  Hubby is eating real food now, and he is down to one protein shake a day. I really want his appetite to come back - I never realized what a joy it was to have him to cook for all of these years. He is adding foods daily, although the amounts are a lot less than before. And is it ever showing on our food budget!  There is a silver lining in every cloud, isn't there?

So, I have the lettuce all washed for the salad tonight - part of the "eat what you buy" plan of attack. If it is ready, and easily accessible, there is no reason for it to go to waste. As for salad dressing, I have one little bottle of thousand islands that I use when the calorie intake for my day is low, but usually, I mix a bit of olive oil with an acid of sorts and the results are much tastier than the store bought ones.  

I have also managed to make another weeks menu plan out of the food that I have at hand, so perhaps I should refer to October as "Eat the Pantry" month, although I am sure I could easily make our stores last until well into November, with a few minor additions. That is a pretty good idea, so here it goes. Officially? It is now "Eat The Pantry" time!

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