Friday, September 30, 2011

My Pathetic Grocery Cart

Since Rick has not been able to tie on a feedbag, my grocery cart is pathetic. Small. Pitiful. Near empty. Today, I didn't even have to put a thing in the main section, relying on the kiddie seat to hold all of my purchases.  It occurred to me when I got  home, that if a person were to just write down the portions required per week, per person, and bought accordingly, counting calories wouldn't be necessary.  You could just eat your share of everything in the house, and not go back to the store until your next scheduled shopping day!  Hmmmm....something to think about.

Today, I bought

  1. a bagged salad for two 
  2. three individual servings of yogurt
  3. two tomatoes
  4. two bananas
  5. two sausage coils - 10 servings in total (90 calories each)
  6. small piece of old cheddar - that ought to be good for a couple weeks at least
  7. six  pack of individual Taster's Choice...brewed coffee is not a good thing for one person. Too much fuss and waste.
  8. frozen mixed veggies
  9. frozen peas
  10. one large white onion
  11. 12 pack of Fresca
With everything I have in the pantry, this should be good for at least a week.

Yesterday, I went to the food section of Wal-mart, and bought sandwich meat in a perfect pack for one. There was enough ham, salami and pepperoni to do two sandwiches and add to my frozen gluten free cheese pizza during the coming week. A quick stop at Gimli Fish for a pound of pickerel, provided one meal that night, and one to cook this coming week. Rick tolerates fish well, and I love it, so fish will be more frequently seen on our table in the coming weeks, until he is able to tolerate the smell and texture of  dryer meats, such as pork, beef, and chicken.

Buying just what you need is an interesting concept. I could never go "European" and shop every would be easy if there were corner shops rather than supermarkets, I am sure, but fighting the crowds to buy meat for supper isn't something I look forward to! Once a week at the store is more than enough for me! I have always kept a well stocked pantry. The only time we 'ate it down' was during a period of unemployment that lasted a year and a half. I still have rather an extensive stock of frozen hamburger, chicken, pork tenderloins, canned tuna and salmon, beans, corn, tomatoes, pickles, pasta, chicken stock, green beans and V8 juice, but I am letting it slide. (Just think of all that shelf space I will have for my extra dishes!)  Now that Rick is not consuming a lot of food, it really is quite pointless to keep it up.  The bonus is that shopping is not an ordeal anymore. I no longer check prices, or try to figure out the best size to buy. I shamelessly shop at Safeway, buy the smallest size available, and rather enjoy the whole process. More than once I have added a bunch of flowers to the cart, counting it as produce!

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