Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Perch ALMOST Meunière

I discovered a little while ago, that you can use cornstarch to dredge things in before frying them in butter. It actually gives a crispier crust with much less effort, truth be told. Today, I bought a few fillets of perch from Gimli Fish Market, and wow. Was it ever good. Simple to do, and sooooo flavourful when prepared so simply.

I baked a fillet with full fat cream and tiny sweet peas and onions for the hubby. He ate the whole thing. Took him two sittings, but he did it.  This was the first meal he has had in months, and the beginning of some serious healing!  It didn't taste great to him, but he was able to 'choke it down'....some compliment to the chef, right?

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