Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wenesday is here...

And, it is exactly three months since I started the WW program. I had a loss of 4.2 pounds in September, so it looks like things are slowing down a bit, but still, it does average out to a loss of over five pounds a month. I lost one point when I redid the quiz this morning. A nice little pep talk followed saying I was losing at a good rate, and to be happy! I can eat very well on what I am allotted, so I am definitely not complaining! The way I look at things, time will pass if I do this or not, so why not do it and lose the weight? It is a hassle when travelling, to be sure - I think that is likely why the slower rate this month....too much sitting and reading, and too many unavoidable unknowns with food.

I have noticed that the best way to stay on program effortlessly, is to favour simple "meat, potatoes and vegetable" meals. They turn out to be the lowest in points, filling and easy on the system. When I was young, I would visit relatives on the farm, and there was always a big meal for lunch. My aunt would bring out the leftovers from the night before - sometimes warmed up, sometimes not. A bit of meat with home made pickles, and fresh tomatoes from the garden? Heaven! To a city kid, used to having a peanut butter sandwich and an apple, it was impressive! I think she was really on to something because she certainly kept her figure, and her large family did too! The trick to this, is to have leftovers in the frig. Apparently that happens when you make an effort to make at least one meal a day! LOL

I just finished a four point lunch using that "formula" and Monday's supper leftovers and I am very full! And in another three hours? Time to do it all again. I have tossed all the rice cakes and other "diet" goodies I tried the first month and that have been gathering dust under the kitchen island. I just don't like them. For one point, I can have four REAL crackers, so why would I want a Styrofoam rice cake? Antipasto is the balm with plain old Premium Plus crackers - that reminds me almost time to hit Costco and buy a new jar! All that goodness for 25 calories for two tablespoons full? A bargain! I measure with a regular teaspoon and count one heaping teaspoon as two tablespoons to make sure I don't go overboard with the stuff.

I do wish the loss would go a little faster though. I don't think I will believe I have done anything until I have gone shopping for new clothing, and that won't happen until spring. I am just going to keep wearing what I have through the winter, and save up for a really good splurge before the cruise in March. Until then? I am planning a perfect wardrobe with very few pieces and a few romantic sun dresses for visiting the islands! Until then, I will rejoice in my small NSV's (non scale victories) like being able to bend in the middle a little easier!

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