Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday morning...

Whew. Arrived here last night and found that Superstore was still open at eight o'clock on a Sunday night. So, we were able to pick up a few necessities for today's meals. We have a nice little suite here, with good cooking facilities, so our menu for the day is:

Egg, toast, skim milk, butter, Cheez Whiz

Chicken and Miracle Whip Sandwich on rye, raw cauliflower & dip, yogurt

Taco Soup (brought our leftovers from home), microwaved fingerling potatoes (multi-coloured), cauliflower & baby carrots with butter, cottage cheese.

Snacks: Antipasto & Crackers, apples, choice of 2 point 'snackage packages' to make up points for the day - cookies, crackers, rice crispie bars, chocolate bars all travel well together in a Ziploc bag!

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