Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday...shopping day!

It sure makes life easy when they give you the nutritional info! We enjoyed a double meat sub today, and all within points. MMM good. The reason we were out and about for two meals, was because it was finally decision time about buying living room furniture. We found a nice couch and two chairs at the LAZBOY store...very bright and modern. I don't often make snap decisions, and believe you me, that the way I operate? Two hours qualifies as "snap". After looking at every piece of material in the place more than once, mentally rearranging every piece of furniture in the house and envisioning numerous colour schemes, I opted for a happy "Meadow" green set with self covered pillows. I like the prospect of changing up the colours on a whim with accessories, so I thought it best to go with functional plain pillows, the same as the body of the furniture.

When you have been married for as long as we have, sometimes you need a fire to get you motivated to do something with your decor...every time I clean, it seems, I tell myself "ah it is still in such good shape! I really don't need to buy anything new because this is good enough!"

Well, don't we say that about the clothing we wear "until", or even about the bodies we have from the weight we put on and don't take off from eating the food that is "good enough"? Who says "good enough" is good enough? Where is it written that we have to settle? I didn't settle for a second rate man, so why do I cop out on these minor things? For a little cash, you can spruce up both your public image, and your surroundings! So, now the 'transformation mode' is spreading to the house. We are going to wait till the furniture is delivered to make the final call on the paint colours, and in the meantime, I am going bra shopping in the States next week! I am hoping that both experiences will deliver the uplift I have put off for too long, and so desperately need!

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