Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuesday's gone....

in a blur of soap and water! It was laundry day, so I spent the day washing and ironing. I absolutely love having freshly ironed sheets on the bed. The smell is wonderful, and the cotton becomes so silky....There is one load of blacks left to dry and iron in the morning, and I will be free once more!

Today's lunch was canned peaches and Doritos. Hey, that's what was in the laundry room pantry, and I was too lazy to go up and make something more complicated! I still had three FLEX points left over this week, so I am totally okay with my choices. This week I will likely lose a point...depends on what the quiz tells me. I have no opinion, and no questions. I work the program like an automaton. Who knew that not thinking could reap such rewards?

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