Sunday, October 7, 2007


Sandwiches. What a great thing they are! When out and about, they can really save the day. Our favourite these days is a turkey breast and ham sub...5-6 points depending on what extras we put on. They toast their subs now, so that makes them extra good. Yesterday we found ourselves out shopping and starving. How friendly that sign seemed after staring down a long line of Arby's, MacDonald's, A&W and Burger King. Once in awhile you need food fast, so Subway it is for us! An interesting thing happened while my hubby was picking up the sub. He ordered a 12" sub for us to share, and it came to 6.76...a woman came in and ordered the same style of sub, but ordered two 6"subs - her bill was 1.80 extra. Did she get more sub for her money? More importantly, do I get to deduct a point?

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