Thursday, October 11, 2007


So, when the cat is away, the mice turn into rats...and what a blast this rat is having! I slept till noon, and the closest thing to work I have done all day, is to unload the dishwasher and put away a basket of towels! What I have been doing, is pouring over decorating sites, getting fresh decorating ideas. On Tuesday, we bought a new sofa and two chairs. I have been looking for well over five years for replacement pieces, and finally found a solid simple style that I can live with....I hope!

This time, no neutrals for me. I am finally expressing my rather colourful interior! They say that you can tell who a person is by the art that they hang on their walls, and the colours they choose to use in their home. I am sure there are deep psychological reasons why I have chosen not to do this for years, but all of a sudden? I am literally craving colour in my surroundings. Not pastels. Not tasteful neutrals. But bright spring grass green, lilac purple, buttery yellow and all the colours of fire. There are small touches of that in the house now...and a lot of white that I intend to keep.

I am a practical person, so when investing in long term things such as good towels and linens, I want white! There is very little you can do to damage white cotton...that a little bleach won't fix, that is! I want colour on the walls! Hubby is eager to do the painting this time...he finds it boring to hit the walls with the same neutral from room to room....he is looking forward to using vibrant paint colours, so I hope he feels that way in a year or so when I tire of the colours and want them changed!

It is time to express the 'internal' at long last.

In the meantime, back at the ranch....I am having a chicken breast and cauliflower for supper to fuel all this frantic planning. Both will be roasted in the oven and towards the end, I will toss some cheese on the cauliflower for an instant cheese "sauce". When I am on my own, I find it very difficult to get all my points in for the day. I get involved with doing something, and completely forget about mealtimes. So easy to fall into old habits when you are only accountable to yourself - translation, when there is no "whining for food" to pry you away from the computer screen!

I read the other day that salad greens were mainly "recreational" nutritionally - I tend to agree with that, because as the weather becomes cooler, I would rather have a good soup for starters. Failing that? Good old campbells vegetable soup does it for me! Hmmmm. Maybe I should heat up a cup of that and call it lunch? After all, it is four must be lunchtime somewhere!

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